Carsten Dohnke & Dewi De Waele

A true teacher can merely be a bridge.

For over 40 years

Carsten Dohnke has been exploring and studying ancient and modern paths
for a deeper connection and a more comprehensive understanding
of body and mind.

As a trained sinologist specializing in Taoism,
he has developed a profound understanding of Chinese culture
providing him with an even deeper insight into the subject matter.

His focus during these decades of study has been primarily on the ancient traditional Chinese teachings of Tao
Qigong, TCM, Kung Fu, and eastern mysticism.

Since the age of 14, Carsten has been intensely practicing martial arts, including Zen meditation. During his studies, he led his own school for internal Kung Fu and Taiji, further developing his experience in this field.

He spent four years with old Shaolin masters in Taiwan and monks in Thai monasteries. Additionally, he received extensive teachings from masters of Eastern mysticism and world-renowned Qigong and Tao masters such as Li Jun-Feng and Mantak Chia, assisting the latter for more than 20 years in many of his seminars.

He complemented his studies of ancient classical Eastern teachings with anatomy, Chinese medicine, therapy work, and insights from modern psychology and coaching.

Carsten's System

Based on this wealth of experience and his comprehensive knowledge
of various Eastern and Western teachings
Carsten developed his own extraordinary and innovative system.

A system that integrates ancient and modern wisdo
providing a unique perspective on body and mind.

A perspective that helps you to experience deep satisfaction, serenity, and healing,
and to discover your true potential.


Carsten Dohnke is an internationally recognized teacher of Taoism, meditation, & Qigong, sinologist, healer,
Kung Fu and Taiji teacher as well as Senior/Inner Alchemy Teacher of Universal Tao.
Together with his partner Dewi, he developed the concept The Art of Living".
For over 20 years, he has been training teachers according to his concept.


As a child, Dewi began her journey with Indonesian dance, ballet, and bodywork.
It was at the age of 18 that she embarked on her profound quest for the secrets
of body, mind, and soul, which included exploring healing practices.

Driven by her intercultural curiosity and a deep longing for clarity and healing,
she began her journey to the heart of Asia, to longer retreats in temples and connecting with nature.

Here, she discovered paths to self-discovery and spiritual healing, and ultimately, her future vocation.

During these journeys, she acquired extensive knowledge in the practices of yoga, Taiji, Qigong, dance and somatics,
mantra and (taoist & silent) meditation.

From these teachings, she drew not only immense strength but also deep insight that
forever changed her life.

Today, these influences form the foundation and unique approach of her teaching and private coaching.

Dewi's work is a gentle invitation to explore one's own being, inner healing,
and a clear understanding of reality.

Emphasizing the holistic approach of embodiment and inner strength
while embracing emotional, intergenerational, and karmic topics that influence our lives.

Those who join Dewi enter an inspiring journey
of self-discovery and transformation towards holistic healing,
integrating the complexities of their experiences into a unified whole.

It is a path that enriches and illuminates your life in gentle yet powerful ways,
respecting a deep connection with oneself and the world around us.