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Experience the extraordinary power of TAO and Qigong and Eastern mysticism with modern approaches from coaching and stress release.

Our schedule
for 2024

Groesbeek - NL (near Nijmegen and German border) |
8. July 2024
- 14. July 2024
Im Odenwald nahe Frankfurt |
11. August 2024
- 18. August 2024
gratis Zoom Live Stream 19:30-21:00 |
30. August 2024

The Art of Living

With “The Art of Living,” we aim to guide you on a path that leads you to unfold your inner strength and the wisdom of your heart.

Through my concept of the 5 Pillars

Inner Stability and Resources / Embodiment, Self-Healing and Vitality

Unleashing Potential / Connectedness and Belonging / Meditation and Mysticism

you will discover your true potential.


Carsten Dohnke

is a modern mystic and spiritual teacher
for individuals seeking deeper sense
in the fast-pace and consumer-oriented world of today.

He is a guide for those who aspire to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and who seek to uncover their true potential.

Together with his partner Dewi De Waele and his exceptional concept "The Art of Living," he provides
the right answers to the most pressing questions of
our time.

The Art of Living -
Our Concept

For a deeper connection to life .

Tao and Qigong

Harmony and serenity through
rediscovery and appreciation of the body.

Discover your true potential

By delving into your inner self, unexpected potential unfolds.

Tao & Qigong Training

A training for personal development and/or to become a teacher of Taoism, Qigong, and meditation.


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Carsten Dohnke
& Dewi De Waele

A true teacher can merely be a bridge.

The Five Pillars

The Concept of the five Pillars

Our concept of "The Art of Living" is based on five main elements, our five pillars.

Embodiment, Self-Healing, and Vitality

On a physical and energetic level, through deep connection to your body

Inner Stability and Resources

Dealing with crises, readiness for change, and courage for spiritual growth.

Unleashing Potential

Let unexpected potential unfold.

Connectedness and Belonging

Connection with oneself, others, and life.

Meditation and Mysticism

Widened awareness and understanding, profound states of peace and clarity.
These five pillars form the foundation of "The Art of Living,"
our path to personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Learning with Carsten

Whether for further education or refreshing what you’ve learned, our courses offer you an optimal foundation for deepening and developing your skills.

The concept of The Art of Living – developed by Carsten Dohnke and partner Dewi De Waele – offers a range of in-person courses, retreats, and certification programs for personal and professional development.

Our online live courses,
self-paced courses &
online training

Join us for our online offerings, ranging from free webinars to online courses and our certified online training program.

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The Essence of Healing & inner Growth

Certified Training Programs
and Retreats

Tao und Qigong – The Art of Living
Tao Training

(in German language)

Starting in October 2024

Our new training in Frankfurt with Carsten Dohnke and Dewi De Waele

For personal development and/or the opportunity for Qigong teacher certification.


Articles by Carsten

Throughout his long career, Carsten Dohnke has written many articles and essays on his work.

We would like to introduce you to some contributions that provide more insight.

Self-acceptance and self-love are the foundation for truly feeling ourselves, deeply arriving within ourselves, accepting our shadow sides, and arriving in our being.”

– From the article “Through Self-Love to Wisdom”

Experience our concept for wholeness

and unlock your full potential

The Art of living

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