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Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy is considered an extremely effective method for healing, well-being, inner strength, and unlocking untapped potentials. It is a gradual path to awakening.

The fascinating practice of today’s Taoist wisdom and Qigong unfolds its roots in the rich tradition of Taoism, particularly in the groundbreaking “Inner Alchemy.” In this captivating approach, the life force, Qi, of the internal organs is moved, refined, and harnessed through the power of the mind…

Love and libido as a source of power

Welcome to the fascinating world of the “Practice of Healing Love” – a Taoist practice that unites the power of love and libido.

This path of consciousness development and self-healing is deeply rooted in the traditions of Taoism and inner Qigong, offering a journey to inner harmony and vitality…