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“Are you looking to enhance your health, overcome emotional challenges, or rediscover your vitality?

Are you striving for new life goals? Or are you facing important decisions and seeking clarity?

Whether it’s for a single session or a long-term strategy, you’re in the right place with Carsten and Dewi.

Together, we explore innovative solutions through empathetic conversations, bodywork, or serene, meditative states. Whether in person or via Zoom, we tailor our approach to your needs.

Our methods encompass communication, kinesiology, field and constellation work, Taoist healing practices, as well as meditation, qigong, and mantra practices. Particularly, psycho-kinesiology enables efficient resolution of emotional conflicts and traumas, facilitating a step towards newfound freedom and vitality.

Each coaching session can conclude with a personalized home practice plan, providing lasting benefits.

Furthermore, if desired, we assess the strength of your immune system and energy levels, or the openness of specific meridians during each coaching session. We introduce suitable methods to enhance your vitality, clarity, and consciousness. Experience a refreshing transformation with our coaching – for a vibrant and purposeful life.”

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“Carsten’s individual coaching sessions are absolutely recommendably. The one-on-one sessions are highly personalized and delve much deeper than seminars alone, resulting in phenomenal and notably swift results. Anyone truly seeking self-transformation is in the right place here.”

Marten Thorand, Hamburg, February 5th, 2024

“Mr. Dohnke’s coaching was very professional. I can judge that well as I am a trainer and coach myself. His methods, his attentiveness, and empathy were perfectly tailored to my goals and needs, and I emerged from the coaching with great energy and a newfound understanding of my life path. I will definitely be returning.”

Klaus Petersen (Business Coach), Nuremberg, April 8th, 2019

“The Tao Coaching with Carsten Dohnke marks the beginning of a wonderful journey, a deep dive into the lake of life energy, to resurface enriched at the shores of life. Carsten accompanies the journey with great sensitivity and professionalism. His energy, ease, enthusiasm, and joy are contagious, and his profound knowledge and lived experience are a great asset. I couldn’t imagine a better travel companion! I am deeply grateful.”

S. Richter, Hamburg, July 5th, 2019