The Essence of Healing & inner Growth
- Free Live Webinar (Engl.)

Join our online webinar to explore the profound connection
between healing and personal & spiritual growth.
Discover how ‚healing‘ echoes ‚holiness,‘
signifying a return to wholeness and roots.

How do healing and inner growth intertwine?
How can you unfold your full potential while gaining inner wisdom?
And why is integration and liberation from old patterns so crucial for this process?

May 29, 19:30 pm CET (in English)

Coming Home - The Essence of Tao
Live online course

Experience the "inner arriving," where your mind rejuvenates,
your intuition is strengthened, and you feel a connection to your resources and hidden healing powers.

This fulfilling state, referred to by the ancient Taoists as "arriving in yourself,"
represents the essence of the millennia-old wisdom of the Tao.

June 6 - 10:00-17:30 CET (in German)

Tao & Qigong - The Art of Living
Online Fundamentals
- Self-paced online Training

Our most comprehensive Tao & Qigong online program with over 120 videos

- Learn and practice in your own rhythm
- Opportunity for certification
- Over 50 hours of video and audio material

- Enrollment possible at any time

- Language of instruction: German

The Tao & Qigong – The Art of Living Training – Online Fundamentals

…is open to anyone seeking personal growth, healing, and a deeper understanding of life.

At the same time, this training provides the opportunity to learn Qigong and Tao
and to become certified as a teacher.

This is especially beneficial for naturopaths, therapists, and yoga or Taiji instructors
who wish to expand their practice.

The certification includes practical and theoretical exams, individual coaching sessions,
and at least 5 days of in-person instruction.

From Modul 1:

Whether for further education or to refresh your knowledge,
our online self-study courses provide an optimal foundation for deepening
and developing your skills, all at your own pace.

Each course includes video instructions, audio recordings, PDF transcripts, guided meditations,
and practical exercises, developed by Carsten Dohnke and Dewi De Waele.

Your package

4 Modules

Guided meditations available for download

Option for 1:1 Coaching (In-person or online)

A platform with videos, audios, exercises, and accompanying practice booklets.

Option for regular guidance (through Whatsapp or Signal)