The Art of Living -
Our concept

For a deeper connection to life

The Art of Living

Every person feels a deep longing for inner peace, tranquility, and happiness.

We strive to be healthy and vital, to be able to face life’s challenges, to unfold our creativity,
and to reach our full potential. Perhaps we also seek to understand life in its depth.

In our seminars, your individual life questions and personal development take center stage.
It’s about taking your next step on the path of life.

Therefore, The Art of Living is based on five essential pillars that also cover basic needs:

Self-healing and vitality

Resilience and inner strength

Unfolding potential

Connection and belonging

Meditation and mysticism

Together, they form a comprehensive path of development:
from arriving at yourself to strengthening your inner power, opening your heart, and reaching wisdom.

To walk this path holistically and tailored to you,
we integrate concepts such as the Elephant and the Iceberg, as well as Embodiment
the idea that healing and change happen through a true connection with one’s own body.

As a guide, we use the ancient holistic map of the five levels of being: Unity, intuitive level, emotional level, energy, body.

Learn more about the 5 levels of being and healing.


East meets West

The Art of Living is not just a concept but a guiding journey that leads you to deep
inner transformation, unfolding of potential, and a broader understanding of life.

Our innovation lies in the fusion of traditional Eastern wisdom teachings
with modern approaches from stress release and coaching.

This unique synthesis allows access to proven practices from ancient traditions
while also addressing the challenges of our contemporary lifestyles.

Standing amidst life’s complexities, you can embark on a journey with “The Art of Living”
that leads you to wisdom, connection, and spiritual growth.

The Art of Living is based on


Rediscovering your body

Modern life often keeps us trapped in a state of activity and inner tension, which can lead to illness, stress, and a sense of powerlessness. To meet these challenges, rediscovering and appreciating our bodies is crucial.

The ancient Taoist practices offer an invaluable way to connect with our bodies and remain present. They include not only physical movements like Qigong or Taiji but also meditations involving the internal organs and meridians.

Through these practices, you can deeply let go, be present, and perceive and live your emotions, desires, and wisdom. This allows for a new level of experience, promotes a stronger, healthier body, and increases vitality and life energy. At the same time, feeling and perceiving your body, or rather "arriving home within your body," is an essential foundation for courage, self-awareness, resilience, and healthy relationships.

A calm mind, an open heart, and increased self-awareness then support you in taking the next step in your personal growth.

"As the body becomes wider and more open, the spiritual can land in it."

The whole is greater
than the sum of its parts

We integrate various practices into a 360-degree approach, where the methods complement each other to form a greater whole.

Our reference to the elephant is drawn from the ancient parable of the blind men encountering an elephant, each touching and describing different parts of the animal.

Imagine a group of blind individuals encountering an elephant for the first time. Each person touches a different part of the elephant - the trunk, the leg, the ear - and describes what they feel. When they come together and share their experiences, they realize they've each touched a different aspect of the same creature - the elephant.

This principle underpins The Art of Living: different practices and approaches complement each other, offering a holistic perspective.

This metaphor illustrates how our understanding can be limited when we only focus on one part of something. Similarly, in our approach to healing, we integrate various practices and perspectives, just as the individuals share their experiences, to gain a fuller understanding of life and ourselves.

In our classes, we explore different aspects of personal growth and well-being, drawing from traditions like Qigong, meditation, and Taoist practices. By embracing a holistic approach, we uncover the interconnectedness of these practices and their contribution to our overall well-being.
Just as understanding the entire elephant requires experiencing all its parts, our journey toward self-discovery and healing involves embracing the richness of various practices and perspectives.

Or in other words... A single cell or organ does not yet possess its own consciousness. It's only when they are united into a larger whole - a human being - and communicate with each other that consciousness arises. In our classes, you'll experience how the various elements merge into a harmonious "artwork," and you'll learn which methods and aspects are crucial for your inner process. Additionally, you'll develop a clearer understanding of what other people need to become healthier, expand their consciousness, or break free from old patterns.

Moreover, you'll experience a new connection to yourself, acting as a catalyst for your self-healing, to arrive within yourself and let go deeply. This inner connection opens up access to clarity and wisdom, to unfolding your inner potential, and to gaining a new perspective on your life.

Illuminate the Unconscious

The iceberg in this image is a metaphor for your Self.

The part hidden in the water represents the unconscious, comprising about 98 percent of our being. It's where all solutions and deep changes can truly start.

By combining Qigong, meditation, cellular healing, and practices from the realm of "mysticism and wisdom," you gain access to the unconscious. This allows you to "reprogram" your cells and dissolve old behavioral patterns.

Two principles are essential here: the principle of accepting what is (self-acceptance) and trusting in your self-healing abilities (power of self-organization). With this foundation, all practices have a profound effect, often requiring just a few impulses.

As the dense foliage in your unconscious gradually clears, your body becomes softer and more flexible. Your inner core begins to shine from within.

Spiritual traditions speak of discovering your "true nature" or awakening from a long dream. The iceberg realizes that its true home is the ocean. You discover who you really are - a deep trust in life emerges, and you feel nourished and protected.

With The Art of Living, we aim to guide you into this deep connection. This is where everything changes. For this purpose, we've developed an approach that combines various methodologies. From your side, it only requires one focus: a focus on something deeper or bigger than your Self.

The different layers of the iceberg can also be seen as the 5 levels of being.

Learn how we put this into practice here: