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Through Self-Love to Wisdom

Why self-love is a foundation for connecting with your inner wisdom and living your potential.

The Path of Love leads inwards  

The Taoist perspective on partnership and why our love and libido are inner healing powers.

Taoist Inner Alchemy in our Modern Times

The wisdom teachings of the Tao emphasize resilience, inner strength, and the connection with your resources. This is what makes them so relevant in our time.

My Body as a Gateway to Being

Why is embodiment so important? And why is feeling at home in your body the foundation for change and inner growth?

What do we need? And what does the Earth need?

Why our concept "Tao & Qigong - The Art of Living" provides answers to the challenges of our modern times.

A Fracture in the worldview

What is Qi exactly? And what is the connection between Qi, consciousness, and our worldview?

Never born, never died

My life-changing experience after 20 days of meditation in the darkroom.