What can I expect?

Our courses, workshops, retreats, and training programs offer not just knowledge, but a transformative experience that can profoundly alter your life.

In our offerings, we strive to facilitate true transformation on all levels—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This change opens up new perspectives, unlocks doors to new possibilities, and equips you with the tools to unleash your full potential and lead a more fulfilling life.


Our courses offer a comprehensive range of learning content:

  • Discover an inner freedom and stability that helps you confront life’s challenges with confidence.
  • Attain a deeper understanding for a stronger, more vital, and healthier body through a tailored program.
  • Learn to support your inner healing process and restore your emotional balance.
  • Reconnect with your heart, energy, and inner resources to lead a more fulfilled life.
  • Enhance your interpersonal relationships and develop constructive coping strategies for everyday life.
    Explore the flow of life and find wisdom and inspiration within yourself.
  • Open your energy centers (Chakras) and experience a new quality of peace, joy, love, and connection.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of life through meditation and mystical practices.

Our courses are suitable for anyone with a deep interest in personal development, healing, and growth.

Whether you’re seeking better health and emotional healing, desiring more vitality and self-love, navigating clarity in a challenging life phase, or aiming for personal and spiritual advancement—our courses provide a space for growth and self-discovery.

If you already have experience and knowledge in Eastern wisdom traditions, you’ll understand new connections and deepen your wisdom. As an advanced practitioner, you’ll benefit from our approach, which integrates a broad range of traditions and modern methods to promote holistic understanding and personal growth.

Combining practical exercises and profound theory, our seminars offer comprehensive understanding and transformative experiences. We teach Qigong forms, structural and energy work, meditation, mantras and sounds, philosophy and theory, didactics, as well as the basics of traditional Chinese medicine and Western methods for healing.

What Exactly Do We Teach?

In the realm of Taoism and Qigong, our focus lies on practices such as Universal Tao, Shengzhen Qigong, and traditional forms like Crane Qigong, Water Qigong, or Sun Qigong. Additionally, we provide insights into Shaolin practices and Iron Shirt Qigong for inner strength. Many of our courses also integrate simple movements of inner Kung Fu for freshness and vitality.

In the meditation domain, our emphasis is on Inner Alchemy Tao meditations and silent meditation. We also impart Buddhist mantras and mantra rituals, along with central approaches of mysticism.

Our Tao communication blends Eastern and Western approaches to help you better understand yourself and others. It offers an expanded view of your life themes and fosters the interpersonal closeness and presence that are so crucial.

We also incorporate Western approaches like constellation work and stress release, using techniques such as tapping and kinesiology. In individual coaching, we additionally employ psycho-kinesiology to resolve traumas.

Possible Certification in Our Training

Furthermore, our Tao & Qigong – the Art of Living training serves as a foundational course for Tao and Qigong instructors, encompassing approximately 200-280 hours. Upon successful completion of a final examination comprising a written and practical component, you’ll receive a certificate authorizing you to teach according to our concept, affirming your competence and expertise in this field.

Prepare to unleash your inner power and lead a life full of vitality, balance, and fulfillment. Get ready for a journey that will forever change your life.

Welcome aboard!