Tao Summer Week: Healing Qigong & Inner Alchemy (in English)

… your Retreat for Inner Transformation, Healing, and Spiritual Growth.
8. Juli 2024
- 14. Juli 2024
Groesbeek – NL (near Nijmegen and German border)

Tao Summer Week: Healing Qigong & Inner Alchemy (in English)

… your Retreat for Inner Transformation, Healing, and Spiritual Growth.

8-14 July 2024
Conference Centre DE POORT – Groesbeek – Netherlands

Welcome to our Summer Seminar with Carsten Dohnke

Join us to experience a profound connection to life, your energy, and inner resources. For beginners with a deep passion for bodywork and meditation, as well as advanced Tao practitioners.


8-9 July:  Shengzhen Healing Qigong

With Shengzhen Healing Qigong you return to an inner naturalness and experience calm, love and peace. The Shengzhen form „The Unity of Body and Mind“ is a special form of heart qigong which can be practiced on the chair and standing: it calms the mind, frees the mind from confusion and dissolves worries and fears. The inner beauty of the movements unfolds with the simultaneous experience of playfulness, love and openness in the heart. After prolonged practice, a pleasant lightness flows through you – like a crane soaring through the air:
Shengzhen Healing Qigong harmonises and strengthens your glands and organs, stretches your body and creates an inner joy. As if by magic, you experience a state of “lightness of being”. Healing Qigong also fills your cells with fresh vitality, detoxifies your body and makes your spine more flexible.

All exercises are easy to learn and are based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

Moreover, the movements connect your Qi to the larger energy field of nature – an important prerequisite for the meditations of inner alchemy.

The form consists of two parts:

  • the first part balances all the inner organs and creates a state of inner balance – similar to Fusion I.

  • The second part stimulates your immune system through deep and calm breathing and serves to open your heart – similar to Fusion II in Universal Tao System. In this way you experience moments of deep stillness and contemplation.

10 July: The essence of Fusion: Compassion Meditation

This third day will focus on compassion meditation plus deepening the movements of the first 2 days. In addition to silent heart meditation, you will experience the taoist meditation of the cycle of creation, in which your positive organ-energies and virtues  merge into a state of compassion.This day is an optimal preparation for the following practices of the inner alchemy.

A deep state of being, peace and the feeling of being nourished emerges. You strengthen and purify your inner organs and can free yourself from old emotional problems.

The practice of Fusion is complemented by Shengzhen Healing Qigong. Combined with meditations of self-acceptance and embracing the internal organs, this allows you to „truly come home in yourself and your body“.

Discovering the art of Inner Alchemy is simpler than it appears. It’s like rediscovering that sense of inner harmony we once knew so well in our carefree childhood days.

Whether you’re new to the practice or already seasoned, Course 1 and Course 2 are open to all – while a certain degree of experience with body movement, meditation, and self-reflection is recommended.

What truly matters is your curiosity and eagerness to delve into this transformative experience.


11-14 July   Higher Inner Alchemy – Kan and Li

In “Kan and Li” the love of our heart merges with the energy of the kidneys and libido – “fire and water unite”, as the Taoists say. This creates a refined Qi, which like an “inner vapour” nourishes and rejuvenates each of our cells from within and carries the practitioner into higher states of consciousness. Deep inner contemplation, the dissolution of the physical body, the slowing down of the aging process and inner healing are the central themes. “Kan and Li” is also called the “marriage of soul and spirit”. The depth of this course has a life-changing effect on many participants.

Conditions of participation in Course 3 – Kan and Li: 2 years or more experience in Taoist practices, inner Qigong, other meditation or longer silent retreats.

In the Inner Alchemy of Tao, the practice of „Kan & Li“ becomes the basis for the development of higher forms of consciousness. It is the inner marriage of soul and spirit, the union of heaven and earth, and it touches our innermost longings for wholeness and harmony.

Mind power moves into a dance, and Qi transformed into a sparkling vapour flows along special meridians – a centrepiece of Taoist meditation that enables profound processes of inner transformation.

Carstens partner Dewi De Wale will assist during the summer week – for movements, question, short coachings and much more ..



There are several possibilities to participate in the retreat.

The whole retreat – 7 days:
€ 590  
Early bird price – if your application and full payment is received by May 10th at the latest

After May 10th € 690

3-day or 4 day course (early bird price does not apply):

  • 3 days, course 1 and 2 (Healing Qigong & Compassion Meditation): € 305
  • 4 days, course 1, 2 and first day Kan&Li: € 400

Once we receive your registration, we’ll send over your invoice. Just make sure to settle the payment within the specified time frame to secure your spot.
(Regarding early bird price: Please remember, if you miss the payment window, any early booking discounts will unfortunately expire.)

Dates and times

We start on July 8th at 10:00 am and finish on July 14th at 5:00 pm. Specific timings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be arranged collectively.

Please note that teaching sessions will run from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm and from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, totaling approximately 6 hours of classes daily. However, these timings may be subject to adjustments once meal schedules are finalized.

Language   Teachings are in English


Conferentieoord De Poort Groesbeek

Conferentieoord De Poort
Disseltsebaan 34, 6561 KC Groesbeek
The Netherlands

Please note:
Accommodation bookings on De Poort’s website will become available once we reach a minimum of 15 participants/registrations.

To ensure your place in the course, secure your spot early, as this helps us meet our target and guarantees your reservation.
Accommodation bookings can be made at a later stage.

We offer various options to make your stay as comfortable as possible:

  • Single or shared rooms

  • With private or shared bathrooms

  • Camping (bring your own tent, caravan, or camper)

  • Staying outside De Poort (excluding breakfast but includes lunch, dinner, coffee, and tea – flat rate, see price list).

Regular accommodation includes overnight stay, breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as coffee and tea.

Accommodation, special meals, and any additional requests can be booked separately and directly on the De Poort website starting from end of April 2024.

accomodation price: 

whole retreat  –  between 487 and 860.-

3 days –   between  193 and 311.-

Any additional questions regarding accommodotion, please contact the friendly staff of De Poort (Moniek): Tel: +31 24 297 12 04

8. Juli 2024

Tao Summer Week: Healing Qigong & Inner Alchemy (in English)

… your Retreat for Inner Transformation, Healing, and Spiritual Growth.

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