My Body as a Gateway to Being

An essay by  Carsten Dohnke.

My Body, My Sanctuary

I can only extinguish a fire in my house when I am home

Similarly, addressing internal processes or emotional issues hinges on a profound connection with my body. This natural connection not only fosters personal and spiritual growth but also empowers us to navigate through life’s trials and tribulations. However, the unfortunate reality is that many people lack this vital connection to their bodies and, consequently, to themselves.

Instead, we often find ourselves caught in the relentless whirlwind of our thoughts, feeling disconnected, perhaps even tense or fatigued, as if we were prisoners within our own minds. This disconnection leads us to disregard our bodies or push them to their limits, engaging in rigorous fitness regimens solely to meet external standards of fitness or appearance.

Finding My Way Home

True self-discovery begins with acceptance and love for oneself, a sense of returning to a place of belonging. Why is this sense of belonging so crucial? Because it is only when I view my body as my own sacred abode that I can explore its inner chambers, tidying up and allowing fresh air to circulate within.

This journey to self-discovery is emphasized in the wisdom practices of Taoism, Qigong and Taiji practices. It’s not solely about embracing stillness and tranquility but also about refining fine motor skills, engaging in balance exercises, active physical training, and deep breathing. This holistic approach fosters a renewed connection with oneself—I begin to truly inhabit my essence while finding solace within. Consequently, a natural self-worth blossoms, enabling swift stress management and resilience amidst crises. Moreover, it invigorates my life force „Qi“, infusing daily life with joy, lightness, and courage, nurturing healthier relationships rooted in authentic self-connection.

Authentic Connection

In meditation, it is now easy to enter the inner spaces of my house. Thus, in the wisdom teachings of Tao, one often allows the love of the heart to shine like a nourishing and healing sun into the inner chambers, such as the organs. This is not merely a mental exercise; it’s a tangible sensation—a sinking inward, a widening of the spaces between cells, accompanied by a profound stillness and a sense of being cradled. When approached with acceptance and self-love, this introspection allows buried emotions, traumas, and shadow aspects to gently surface and thaw, much like ice yielding to the warmth of the sun. Such integration can also be well supported through coaching and therapeutic work, etc.

As a result, fresh air and light flood through the inner windows of my being, offering a glimpse of freedom and vitality, an encounter with life itself. This marks the inception of true meditation.

The Gateway to Being

And only by being fully present within my body can I absorb this essence, allowing it to permeate every cell of my being, infusing my daily existence with its richness. For meditative and mystical experiences can only take root when we are grounded in ourselves, anchored in the sanctuary of our own bodies.