Love and Libido
as Inner Healing Power

Self-healing, Vitality, and Spirituality

Welcome to the fascinating world of the “Practice of Healing Love” – a Taoist practice that unites the power of love and libido. This path of consciousness development and self-healing is deeply rooted in the teachings of Taoism and internal Qigong, offering a journey toward inner harmony and vitality.

The “Practice of Healing Love” initiates a process of self-healing and rejuvenation that uplifts the entire vitality of our being. This transformative method infuses every cell with refreshing life energy, laying the foundation for Taoist meditations of inner alchemy.

In Taoism, sexual energy is regarded as the essence of our being, serving as the foundation for creativity, vitality, and spirituality, while also being a source of inner healing power. The “Practice of Healing Love” aims to harmonize sexual energy and transform it into spiritual energy.

The meditative connection of man and woman with the energy of the pelvic floor and genital area directs this life force through the spine to the brain, glands, and internal organs. Herein lies the origin of the inner self-healing and rejuvenation process.

Loving self-encounter, deepened partnerships, and inner transformation

The “Practice of Healing Love” becomes a fascinating journey of self-discovery and inner transformation. By consciously directing energy flows, not only the physical but also the spiritual dimension is nurtured and strengthened.

The connection of heart and sexual energy forms the core of this practice. The fusion of these life forces leads not only to fulfilled sexuality, deepened partnerships, and loving self-encounter but also to deep meditative states in the advanced stages of “Inner Alchemy Meditation.”

The applied techniques not only have positive effects on the treatment of lower abdominal discomfort, menstrual disorders, impotence, and prostate problems but are also taught in our seminars as a standalone form of internal Qigong and meditation. Participants receive not only theoretical knowledge but also practical guidance on how to implement these powerful practices with their partner at home. Dive into the world of “Healing Love” and unfold your inner healing power for a fulfilling and conscious life.