Holistic Transformation
throughout the 5 Levels of Being

& how we implement it in our practice

The 5 Levels of Being are an ancient map for healing and transformation deeply rooted in Eastern teachings.

Over time, our understanding of this concept has evolved, and therefore our Tao & Qigong - The Art of Living training is aligned with this holistic map.

Our various courses also address the 5 Levels of Being and Healing, examining, nurturing, and unleashing their potential in each course.

These levels are interconnected and influence each other—stretching both from top to bottom and bottom to top.

As the higher levels unfold, they support the lower levels, and vice versa. The development and strengthening of the lower levels of the body and energy are essential for healing and change.

On the intuitive and unity levels, we gain deeper insights into life, but we must then embody them to live them fully.

The emotional level often blocks the connection between the lower and upper levels of being.
Working on the emotional and mental level is crucial for many people.

In our seminars and training, these principles manifest in practice in various ways:

Peace and Unity with the Universe, Tao, Non-Duality

Mantra practice, mantra healing sessions, contemplation on sacred texts & Sutras, silent retreats, withdrawal, self-reflection, devotion

The Intuitive and Wise Aspects Connected to a Greater Field, Involving Intuition, Insight & a deeper understanding of Life

Wisdom practices, systemic constellations, compassion meditation, Tao philosophy

Thoughts, Emotional, and Mental Patterns

Tao communication, psycho-kinesiology (1:1), changing belief sentences, tapping, meditation for self-acceptance and self-love, organ meditation, Inner Alchemy

The Energetic Level of Qi, Breath, Energy Channels, and Energy Centers (Chakras)

Moving and Inner Qigong, Taoist meditation, special breathing practices

The Physical Level, Physicality, Strength, Structure, Flexibility, Bones, Muscles, Organs

Qigong, Ji Ben Gong (Fundamental Principles), Inner Kung Fu,
Tao Yin, Self-Massage