Inner Alchemy

The enchantment of life's flow

Our next Inner Alchemy and Kan & Li – Summer Retreats 2024

8-14 July – in Holland – Groesbeek near Nijmegen (in English)

11-18 August – in Germany – Höchst im Odenwald (in German)

Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy is considered an extremely effective method for healing, well-being, inner strength, and unlocking untapped potentials. It is a gradual path to awakening.

The fascinating practice of today’s Taoist wisdom and Qigong unfolds its roots in the rich tradition of Taoism, particularly in the groundbreaking “Inner Alchemy.” In this captivating approach, the life force, Qi, of the internal organs is moved, refined, and harnessed through the power of the mind.

Alternatively, the transformed Qi, now resembling a sparkling pearl of light, is directed along specific extraordinary meridians. The techniques of “Inner Alchemy” form the core of Taoist meditation, enabling profound processes of inner transformation.

The term “Inner Alchemy” encompasses a meditation system that has evolved over centuries, bearing similarities to the tantric schools of Mahayana Buddhism. In contrast to “outer alchemy,” which deals with the scientific manipulation of chemical substances, Taoism understands “Inner Alchemy” as the purification, harmonization, and refinement of life energy using the power of the mind.

Experience the true essence of Tao

In ancient China, this “work with life energy” aimed to develop an awareness that transcends the physical body and the world of the five senses. Carsten Dohnke presents numerous practices of Inner Alchemy that promote health, strengthen life energy, and serve as a precursor to the mystical path of Tao.

The diverse meditations of Inner Alchemy offer practitioners three significant benefits:

1. The ability to draw life force from the cosmos.

2. The opportunity to positively alter the inner state and transform stress into vitalizing energy.

3. A natural progress surpassing the typical limits of personality, leading to experiences where egotistic boundaries loosen their hold.

This opens the opportunity for us to be deeply touched by our true nature, by the unparalleled quality of the Tao. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of life’s flow through the practice of Inner Alchemy.


Strengthening life energy, compassion, and consciousness: A path to inner balance

The practice of “Inner Alchemy” contains profound insights that have much more to do with modern life in the West than may initially appear.

The central themes of this practice include the transformation of negative emotions such as fear, anger, or sadness, the opening of the heart, and the gradual development of compassion, the unblocking of internal energy channels, the strengthening of life force, and the expansion of clarity and consciousness.

In a first step, the practitioner learns to cleanse the various energies of the organs through the power of the mind and condense them into a precious pearl, the “inner elixir,” in the lower abdomen. This pearl represents our own energetic self and bestows upon the practitioner a profound sense of inner centeredness and presence.

The purified energy is refined through circulation along the meridians and augmented by fresh energy from nature and the universe. By increasing the vibrational frequency throughout the organism, an internal process of regeneration and self-healing can be initiated at the cellular level.

In the long term, there is even the possibility of dissolving deeply rooted behavioral patterns and thus healing the wounds of our past. “Inner Alchemy” thus proves to be a powerful path to strengthen life energy, unfold compassion, and expand consciousness for a fulfilling life.

Among the key practices of “Inner Alchemy” are the meditations of the “Fusion of the Elements” and the practice of “Kan and Li,” the union of “Fire and Water,” named after the trigrams Fire and Water from the I-Ching, the Book of Changes.

Carsten regularly demonstrates these meditations in his summer retreats every year (in Holland and Germany).

Fusion of the Elements and "Kan & Li"

“The Fusion of the Elements” and the meditation of “Kan & Li” represent profound paths of Taoist Inner Alchemy.


The Fusion of the Elements

In this meditation a magical journey unfolds. By moving the Qi of your internal organs and condensing it into an inner pearl of light, a sense of peace and nourishment arises. You witness the strengthening and cleansing of your internal organs while freeing yourself from old emotional issues. Fusion II-III guides you through the cycle of creation, where your organ energies merge into a state of compassion. The inner pearl of light opens the central channel and energy pathways, leading you to inner balance and allowing the forces of the cosmos to be absorbed in an “inner download” that nourishes your cells.

The first step of Inner Alchemy is easier than it seems. It leads to the emergence of a deep inner balance – in a form reminiscent of carefree days of childhood for many people.



The higher Inner Alchemy – Kan and Li: When Love and Life Force embrace

The meditation of “Kan & Li” is an ascent to higher levels of Inner Alchemy. It is not just a journey of spiritual growth but also a slowing down of the aging process. Here, the power and love of your heart merge with the energy of your kidneys and libido – “fire and water unite,” as the wise Taoists express it. A subtle Qi, an “inner steam,” emerges, nourishing and rejuvenating every one of your cells. The deep inner contemplation and stillness during this process lead to the dissolution of the physical body and inner healing.

The practice of “Kan & Li” forms the basis for the development of higher forms of consciousness in the Inner Alchemy of Tao. It is the inner marriage of soul and spirit, the union of heaven and earth, touching our deepest longings for wholeness and harmony. Mind power moves in this dance, and the Qi transformed into a sparkling pearl of light flows along special extraordinary meridians – a cornerstone of Taoist meditation that enables profound processes of inner transformation.